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The topic of my webpage is religions of the world (if you click on "main" in the image map, it'll take you to the page I made for it before I started this class... bad layout, I know.... ^_^)

I have a list of over sixty religions right now, and the list has been continously growing for over a year now. I thought one big long list might be okay for some people, so one of the buttons will go to that. (more on buttons later) If someone is looking for information about a particular religion, they can click on the letter in the image map.

The buttons will be used for, as I mentioned earlier, to go to a full list, for other information not in the image map, for example: links to religion based chats, articles that talk about two or more religions and how they work/don't work together.

For a colour scheme, I picked a white background, because in the religions I've researched so far, white is a common symbol of unity and/or the divine. I chose purple for the buttons and text for similar reasons, it is identified with the divine. (I also asked my family and friends to choose two colours that reminded them of religion, and they all said white and purple ^_^)